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International Productions

Further success in international productions and development of belly dance career at an international level whilst still maintaining the role of top belly dancer in Malta


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In 2009 Corinne was chosen to be part of the main dance team in an Indian Movie: Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa ( Will You Cross the Skies for Me? ), which was a great success in India. Cora is featured in the video of the theme song “Hosanna”, which was a great hit in India was written by A.R.Rahman, who also wrote the Academy Award winning “Jai Ho”, from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Corinne Turner is the only Maltese girl who was chosen to be part of the main dance team of this Bollywood movie.
In Malta, Corinne appeared in all TV stations not only singing and dancing but also as a personality in popular programmes such as Xarabank (TVM). Cora also was featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles regarding belly dance and her career as an artist (for press articles check out the gallery section).


In 2010 Corinne completed her Degree, a B.A (Hons) in Arabic, and began working on her Masters to continue this multi-façade study of the Arab world. Corinne also travelled in Syria for Summer 2010 to study Levantine dialects, culture and dance. In between a busy show schedule Cora still enjoys studying Arabic and Linguistics privately. Apart from Arabic Cora also speaks several other languages: Maltese, English, Italian, Spanish and French. She is currently also studying German.


In 2011, Corinne Turner was been chosen to teach Classical Arabic Dance in the Malta Drama Centre. This is the first course opened for belly dance in Malta that offers a diploma for Oriental dance. The course included not only Oriental dance study but also studying Arabic culture and history. Due to her international career, the work in this area has been forwarded to her students who continue to spread the art of belly dance in Malta. Corinne has also featured as Miss January 2011 in one of the local modelling calendars.


In 2012 Cora performed in various prestigious events in Europe and in the Arab world. She was also one of the master teachers who gave workshops and performances at the Lelah Masriya festival, one of the most prestigious events in Egypt.


Cora is now based in Germany, teaching classes in Nürnberg and Fürth. She also gives regular workshops in Bavaria as well as other parts of Germany. Cora also gives workshops in different cities around the world apart from attending and performing in Oriental Dance Festivals.

Television and shows in major events

Cora has worked and studied with several top belly dance artists, researchers and choreographers including: 

  • Dina Egypt

  • Sadie (USA)

  • Lucy (Egypt)

  • Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil (Egypt)

  • Alaa Abo Lelah (Egypt)

  • Ozgen (Turkey)

  • Sherry Mizrahi (Israel)

  • Rajaa Ben Moussa(Morocco/Switzerland)

  • Mona Ghazi(Syria/Egypt)

  • Maya Gaorry(Brazil/Italy)

  • Ehab Gadalla (Egypt)

  • Dandash (Egypt)

  • Saad Ismael(Egypt)

  • Fatima Hazer (Tunisia/Egypt)

  • Bernard Schembri (Malta)

  • Damiana (Ecuador)

  • Hanaan Murad (Lebanon)

  • Ahmed Farouk (Egypt)

  • Mona Farouk (Egypt)

  • Bondok (Egypt)

Cora has also made various television appearances including:

  • 2004

    Monalisa (One TV)

    Resident Performer

  • 2005

    Otello (One TV)

    Resident Performer

  • 2006

    Xarabank (TVM)

  • 2006

    Show Time (TVM)

  • 2008

    Celebrity Sundays (One TV)

  • 2009

    Euro Show Box (TVM)

  • 2009

    Allegria (One TV)

    Frequent Performer

  • 2009 & 2010

    Singled Out

    Frequent Performer

  • 2010

    Sessi (Educ 22)

    Frequent Performer

  • 2013

    Frankenfernsehen Consumenta Spot (Frankenfernsehen)

Cora's Career Blossomed

Cora was not only doing shows all over the island and on television but also began her travels in Europe to learn other styles of belly dance and to perform. By age 18 Corinne had already performed in Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland, and performed every summer in Sousse. The appearances of Corinne Turner in Tunisia became more and more frequent, in fact they nicknamed her “al Maltiyya” (The Maltese one). The belly dance career blossomed and Corinne began giving her own classes in several locations in Malta. Corinne opened her own school: ARTEMOCION STUDIO.

She had been already teaching in several locations earlier however now she was equipped with a professional studio, also one of the registered centres for Royal Academy of Dance examinations in Malta. Artemocion has hosted various workshops for international dance artists and belly dancers. The school is currently run by Davinia Turner since has focused on her international show career and is now based in Germany. Cora still flies to Malta twice a year to give workshops to the Maltese belly dancers, perform and choreograph new material for the Artemocion Bella Dance troupe. Cora also choreographed the dance of Maltese model Francesca Gaspari for Miss World 2010. This choreography was chosen as the best dance of the contest.

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