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Cora Turner is an international performing artist and dancer based in Germany. Cora is originally from Malta but performs all over the globe.



About Cora…

Cora Turner is a belly dancer and multitalented performing artist based in Nuremberg (Germany) but performing all over the world. Apart from several styles of dancing, including oriental bellydance, cabaret and modern dance, Cora’s repertoire also includes acting and singing. Cora Turner is available for bookings in Germany and she is also invited to give performances and dance workshops all around Europe and in the Arab world. Apart from dancing, singing and acting, Cora is also a lover of languages and different cultures and is also known for her academic achievements. After completing her bachelor’s degree with the University of Malta, she relocated to Germany in order to pursue her career in a bigger country. In 2016 she completed her Master’s degree in linguistics with the University of Erlangen. German is now her 7th language. Apart from German, Cora speaks Maltese, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and French. In Germany Cora performed in many shows and international fairs including the Consumenta Fair and the Bio-Fair in Nürnberg amongst others. Cora was also several times on TV in both Malta and Germany. She also starred in several film productions as an actress such as the movies Nekya and Kryonik by Italian-German director Davide Grisolia. Cora was also often featured in newspapers and magazines.

Details about press articles and TV performances can be found further below.


Detailed Biography

The early days…

Corinne Turner took her first ballet class when she was only 3 years old. It was very clear since she was a baby that she enjoyed music and wanted to wiggle and dance whenever there was music! At the young age of 7 she also began taking jazz lessons as she felt she wanted something more energetic and dynamic.

Her first TV performance happened already when she was only 8 years old. Her TV debut as a child was in the most popular Maltese Broadcasting TV channel TVM. At the age of 13 Cora joined then a jazz and cabaret group which inspired her for her later cabaret and burlesque dances.


Discovering the sensual art of Bellydance…

Rather than Cora discovering BellyDance, one mught say that it was belly dance that discovered Cora! When she was only 13 years of age, Cora, together with the Rimoa cabaret troupe, went to give a show in Sousse, Tunisia. After one particular show in which Cora was performing as “Esmeralda”, the gypsy from the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”, she was approached by a local belly dancer who believed that Cora could be a great belly dancer. At that time, she was still not quite sure what belly dancing involved, however she took the bellydance classes and  she instantly connected with the oriental dance and culture. Cora performed her first belly dance show in Malta in 2001, pioneering this new style into the Maltese Islands. Her focus of in bellydance at first was classical Egyptian and cabaret style belly dance, however, later she began experimenting with other belly dance styles such as ATS ( American Tribal Style ), Gypsy Fusion and Turkish belly dance. Cora has also mastered other traditional oriental dances such as Saidi, Khaligi amongst others and she also gives workshops and shows using different oriental props such as swords and zills (Saghat).

Cora studied and worked with many popular oriental artists. She is often in Egypt to perform, expand her knowledge and for the acquisition of new materials and costumes.


The pioneer belly dancer in her home country & success in Malta as a professional dancer and teacher

Whilst Cora was living in Malta she performed not only in shows and on TV but she also performed in many other countries including Egypt, Tunisia, France, Spain, the Czech republic, Greece and Italy. After teaching workshops in several areas in Malta, she opened her own dance Studio. The Artemoción Dance and Leisure studio. Cora choreographed also for many famous dancers and personalities. In 2010 she choreographed the dance for the model Francesca Gaspari for the famous MISS WORLD beauty contest. Cora’s choreography was prized as the best choreography of the contest in 2010. The dance studio founded by Cora Turner is now being directed by Cora’s family in Malta because after performing internationally Cora realised that Malta was a little too small for her projects…


Cora Turner – in Germany and in the Big World

Although Cora loves her home country very much and is known there as the top Oriental Bellydancer, she wanted to fulfil her dreams in a larger country. After relocating from the island of Malta to Germany, Cora had to learn the German language from scratch first. In 2016 she achieved her Master`s degree in Linguistics from the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen und she considered with that her German language learning to be “officially” complete.

Cora can now be seen in shows, films and music videos.

In 2023 Cora opened her own dance studio in the area of Nürnberg. When she is not performing internationally, she is helping other women discovering their inner Goddesses with bellydance.

Performances on TV and other Highlights

Monalisa (One TV) – Cora Teil der CAST 2004

Resident Performer 2004

Otello (One TV) – Cora Teil der CAST 2005

Ruta Quetzal TV (Spain and Peru) 2005

Xarabank (TVM) 2006

Show Time (TVM) 2007

Vinnaithanndi Varuvaaya 2009 – Indische Film, Musik komponiert von A. R. Rahman, Komponist von „Jai Ho“ von den Pussycat Dolls

Celebrity Sundays (One TV) 2009

Euro Show Box (TVM) 2009

Allegria (One TV) 2009

Singled Out 2009,2010

Sessi (Educ 22) 2010

Musik Video NBG Oriental Remix by Brak’lul featuring Cora Turner 2011

Frankenfernsehen Consumenta Spot (Frankenfernsehen) 2013

Nekya (Film) 2015

Kryonik (Film) 2016

Biofach Messe Presse Februar 2020

Madre Natura Tour in Italien und Malta 2022



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