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Cora’s Biography

Cora Turner is a professional Dancer and performance artist based in Nuremberg, Germany. Cora comes from the island of Malta, however she performs all over the globe.


Biography About Cora...

Cora Turner is a belly dancer and multitalented performing artist based in Nuremberg (Germany) but performing all over Germany and other European countries. Apart from several styles of dancing, including bellydance, cabaret, jazz, bollywood and burlesque, Cora’s repertoire also includes acting and singing. Cora Turner is available for bookings in Germany and she is also invited to give performances and dance workshops all around Europe and in the Arab world. Apart from dancing, singing and acting, Cora is also a lover of languages and different cultures. In 2010 she completed her bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Linguistics with the University of Malta and in 2016 she completed her Master’s degree with the University of Erlangen in the area of linguistics

Cora moved from Malta to Germany in 2012 and German is now her seventh language, following: English, Maltese, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and French! In Germany, Cora danced in several events and fairs and every year she also performs at the Consumenta Fair. Her dancing was featured on the Frankenfernsehen news and she was also featured in the newspaper Nürnberger Nachrichten several times. 

Apart from performing in public events and belly dance festivals, Cora performs in private events such as weddings, Haflas (Middle Eastern style parties), birthday parties, corporate events, hen’s parties, baby showers etc.  

Cora does not perform in Bachelor’s parties or males-only events.

Detailed Biography The early days...

Corinne Turner took her first ballet class when she was only 3 years old. It was very clear since she was a baby that she enjoyed music and wanted to wiggle and dance whenever there was music! At the young age of 7 she also began taking jazz lessons as she felt she wanted something more energetic and dynamic.

Her first TV performance was when she was only 8 years old on Malta’s most popular TV channel, TVM, in a programme called “Ħadd wara ħadd”. When she was 13, Corinne joined a jazz and cabaret troupe where she was exposed to cabaret and Burlesque shows that were a great inspiration for her later fusions of cabaret, jazz and burlesque!

Discovering the sensual art of Belly Dance

Rather than Cora discovering belly dance, one may say that it was belly dance that discovered Cora! When she was only 13 years of age, Cora, together with the Rimoa cabaret troupe, went to give a show in Sousse, Tunisia. After one particular show in which Cora was performing as “Esmeralda”, the gypsy from the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”, she was approached by a local belly dancer who believed that Cora could be a great belly dancer. At that time, she was still not quite sure what belly dancing involved however she took lessons with Fatima Hazer of Tunisia and she instantly connected with the oriental dance and culture. Corinne performed her first belly dance show in Malta in 2001, pioneering this new style into the Maltese Islands. She continued to take classes with Fatima Hazar during the school holidays. Her focus of study was classical Egyptian and cabaret style belly dance, however, later she began experimenting with other belly dance styles such as ATS ( American Tribal Style ), Gypsy Fusion and Turkish belly dance. She also began studying other Middle eastern folklore dances such as Saidi, Ghawazee, Khaligi and Dabke amongst others. Cora has studied and worked with some of the most popular belly dancers and oriental dance choreographers from all over the world (see list below).

The pioneer belly dancer in her home country & success in Malta as a professional dancer and teacher

Cora was not only doing shows all over the island and on television but also began her travels in Europe to learn other styles of belly dance and to perform. In fact, she performed in Egypt, Tunisia, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany amongst other countries. The belly dance career blossomed and Cora began giving her own classes in several locations in Malta and eventually opened her own studio: The Artemoción dance and leisure studio.

She had been already teaching in several locations earlier, however, now she was equipped with a professional studio, also one of the registered centres for Royal Academy of Dance examinations in Malta. Cora also choreographed the dance of Maltese model Francesca Gaspari for Miss World 2010. This choreography was chosen as the best dance of the contest. 
The Artemoción studio, with Cora Turner as its founder has also hosted various workshops for international dance artists and belly dancers.

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